Eric Smith

Today, as I continue my pursuit of becoming a mental health professional, I hope to give back to the community. I am thankful for the second chance at life afforded to me by Assisted Outpatient Treatment and clozapine.

Darrell Herrmann

Darrell’s life didn’t grind to halt when he was diagnosed. The year after his hospitalization, he went back to college to study computer programming. He finished his degree two years later, and successfully worked as a computer programmer for the next eighteen years.

Laurie Russell

Laurie views herself not as a psychiatric patient but first and foremost as a researcher who stands on equal footing with everyone else at her stage of the academic career.

Max Guttman

Max Guttman is the owner of Recovery Now, a private mental health practice in Ardsley, New York. Max’s battle with schizophrenia began at Binghamton University in his last semester of college.

Lauren Kennedy

Lauren lives with the diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. She is a social worker, and is currently in school to work toward her Masters of Science in Health Policy Research.

Nina Dotson

Nina Dotson has eight years of experience working in behavioral therapy, and is certified in many different forms of behavioral intervention techniques.
She holds a bachelor’s degree from DeSales University.

Cecilia McGough

Cecilia McGough is a mental health activist, writer, and radio astronomer located in the United States and does not let having schizophrenia define her. Cecilia is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the nonprofit Students with Schizophrenia.

Amber Pillars

Amber was young and successful, but she began a steady decline. At first, she showed symptoms of depression, which would quickly spin out of control, and into psychosis. Today, recovered for over eleven years, she works assisting special needs children.

Ravi Sarin

Overcoming schizophrenia: Ravi Sarin. Ravi Sarin is 48 years old. Despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 16, he has enjoyed 26 years of thriving life. Today, as a member of an ACT team, he helps people with mental illness find the treatment they need to rebuild their lives. Ravi enjoyed a good … Continue reading Ravi Sarin