Nina Dotson

Surviving schizophrenia: Nina Dotson

Nina Dotson has eight years of experience working in behavioral therapy, and is certified in many different forms of behavioral intervention techniques.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from DeSales University.

She has been dealing with hallucinations and delusions since she was fourteen years old. At first, she was afraid to let anyone know she was struggling, because she didn’t want people to think badly of her. When she was twenty-four, her delusions got so bad that she became homeless, and she finally realized she needed real, professional help.

Once she got into a treatment program, her life started to improve. She was able to get an apartment, go back to work, and form close friendships. She eventually got married, and now owns a house.

She has not had any hallucinations or delusions in over two years. Currently, Nina and her husband are in training to become foster parents, with the goal of adopting. They are excited to start a family!