CURESZ envisions a future where schizophrenia and related psychoses are widely accepted as neurobiological brain conditions, and can be prevented, treated or cured, with restoration of wellness and full functional recovery.


CURESZ has several major goals:

  1. To support a multifaceted educational campaign to correct the misperceptions about schizophrenia and related disorders and comorbidities among the general public, using multiple media platforms
  2. To pursue a relentless campaign to eliminate the stigma of serious psychiatric brain disorders like psychosis and to equate them with other neuropsychiatric disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease or stroke
  3. To raise charitable contributions to support biopsychosocial research that will accelerate the prospects of prevention or a cure for schizophrenia and related psychoses
  4. To inspire hope among patients and their families about the increasing prospects of remission and recovery through new treatments that parallel the momentous advances in understanding the neurobiology of psychotic disorders
  5. To start a dialog among psychiatrists and other mental health professionals about shedding the term “schizophrenia” and to replace it with a scientifically more accurate name, not associated with decades of misleading notions and stigma
  6. To vigorously address the grave injustice of criminalizing medically ill patients who have brain disorders with behavioral pathology, incarcerating them in jails and prisons instead of treating them in a hospital.
  7. To educate the at-risk population (high school and college students) and their parents about the warning signs of schizophrenia and related disorders and comorbidities so that they might recognize these illnesses early in themselves and others.

Bethany Yeiser, BS
Henry A. Nasrallah, MD