Bethany at a lecture

CURESZ President Bethany Yeiser

I just want to say thank you. Because of your organization, I was able to find a wonderful clozapine clinic in Atlanta for my son, that is run by wonderful doctors and treatment teams! My son is starting back to school after the holidays. 

– Ro Gaines Maurer

I just wanted to say Happy Holidays and happy everything from our celebratory family getaway in Jamaica. Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done to guide and steer us towards helping our sweet son to live his best life again. We’re happy to share with you that he has been working full time since Aug 1. He still has a little way to go until 100%, as he still feels the physical hallucinations, but he is SO much better, so we’re CELEBRATING in Jamaica! Our family sends much love and gratitude to you and your family this holiday season and always.

– a grateful mom

Bethany with leaders of the University of Cincinnati’s Caducea Pre-Medical Society, where she presented CURESZ

Bethany with Dr. Robert McCullumsmith, photo by Colleen Kelley, University of Cincinnati

March 31, 2017 our lives changed forever with our 21 year old’s 1st (and hopefully last) break. The future looked bleak, then we discovered CURESZ. Thanks to Bethany and team for the website to give hope and to allow us to dream. We are grateful.
Dream Big!
– Julie

My name is Sandra, and I am the mother of a son with schizophrenia. Finally, we have an appointment with a Dr. From your “Clozapine Experts” map. Thank goodness for you and your map. I have asked his psychiatrist, the GP, his therapist and our nurse case manager for a way to get clozapine, all to no avail. Finally, I found CURESZ and the map and emailed Dr. Mufti in Monroe, MI. He emailed me back on a SUNDAY night and arranged for his staff to call first thing Monday morning to set up an appointment.

Lecture from Dr. Nasrallah

Bethany with CURESZ volunteer Jacey Schunk

It’s wonderful to see the work being done by Bethany and the doctors who contribute to this website. This is helping countless persons cope with this illness and understand it better. And it’s wonderful to see so many testimonials from people who have effectively conquered this illness.

– Doug Hissong

“As a parent of a daughter living with schizoaffective disorder, I am proud to support the CURESZ Foundation. I personally appreciate their dedication to correcting misconceptions about schizophrenia, thereby reducing stigma and encouraging early intervention. I especially appreciate how profoundly the foundation inspires individuals and their families as they work toward remission, recovery, and beyond, emphasizing the importance of living full and meaningful lives in spite of the challenges schizophrenia presents.

Thank you, Dr. Nasrallah (Vice President) for promoting the use of clozapine, an often underutilized medication, which I consider life-saving treatment for our daughter. Thank you, Karen Yeiser (Secretary) for being such an inspiration to parents and caregivers. Thank you, Bethany Yeiser (President) for encouraging our daughter who is now following in Bethany’s footsteps and attending college as a part-time student.”

-Gayle Ayres, parent and mental health advocate

Gayle Ayres

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