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CURESZ “Schizophrenia Survivors” are people who are thriving despite a past diagnosis of schizophrenia, and live lives of meaning and purpose. Eric, Ravi and myself have recovered from schizophrenia on the rarely used medication clozapine. See all twenty of our “Survivors” here. If you have a question for one of the Survivors, contact Bethany here.

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Eric Smith is a musician, composer, and a loving family member. He is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio in psychology, and is currently studying for his master’s degree in social work.

Ravi Sarin is 48 years old. Despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 16, he has enjoyed 26 years of thriving life. Today, as a member of an ACT team, he helps people with mental illness find the treatment they need to rebuild their lives.

CURESZ Survivors do not provide legal or medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.  They do not provide therapy or other counseling services.

If you would like more information about Schizophrenia Survivors, please contact Bethany Yeiser, at

Every personal story of recovery from schizophrenia is unique, and a needed contribution.

Disclaimer: Schizophrenia Survivors are not representatives of the CURESZ Foundation. The views of the Schizophrenia Survivors do not reflect the views of the CURESZ Foundation.

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