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CURESZ “Schizophrenia Survivors” are people who are thriving despite a past diagnosis of schizophrenia, and live lives of meaning and purpose. Ravi, Lucas and myself have recovered from schizophrenia on the rarely used medication clozapine. We also feature Eric Smith here who recovered from severe bipolar disorder on clozapine. See all twenty-seven of our schizophrenia “Survivors” here. If you have a question for one of the Survivors, contact Bethany here.

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Portrait of Lucas
Portrait of Lucas

Lucas Peluffo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a young adult, he experienced two psychiatric hospitalizations. Thanks to treatment with clozapine, he recovered 20 years ago and has had no relapse. Today he works translating English to Spanish, and is a secretary in a medical center.

Tyson McGuire is a student at the University of Cincinnati working toward a bachelor’s degree in physics and a joint master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Following his high school graduation, he won a full ride to attend UC starting in fall of 2016.

Michael has been in meaningful recovery from schizophrenia for three and a half years. He enjoys attending the College of the Ozarks where he studies social work as a full-time undergraduate. In 2019, Michael founded a “NAMI on Campus” support group for the Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City, and he continues to volunteer.

Carson is a dual mathematics/computer systems engineering major at Arizona State University scheduled to graduate in spring of 2024. He also works as a tutor.

Janelle Borsum’s love of food, background in food science and restaurant experience allow her to prepare gourmet meals for busy families with the hope of creating her own catering business. She would like to become an advocate to show others that people with schizophrenia can be successful like anyone else.

Kirk Reitelbach has worked as a full-time paralegal for Disability Rights Ohio since 2012. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Dartmouth University.

Emeka Chima holds an Associate of Arts degree from Montgomery College in Information Systems. He currently works as a Database and Campaign Intern for a health care and nutrition company, and is an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland Global Campus striving toward a Bachelor’s degree and a future job in the IT field.

Eric Smith is a musician, composer, and a loving family member. He is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio in psychology, and is currently studying for his master’s degree in social work. Eric recovered from severe bipolar disorder on clozapine.

Sandy Dimiterchik
Sandy Dimiterchik

Sandy Dimiterchik is a certified as a peer support specialist in the state of Louisiana and as a career coach by PARW/CC, which stands for Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Today she serves as Director of Community Engagement for the Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America (SARDAA).

Robert Francis
Robert Francis

After Robert’s recovery from schizophrenia, he attended college full-time for two years and received his Master of Social Work degree in 2006. In 2009, he earned his LCSW. Today, he has worked as a mental health therapist for 15 years.

Robert Francis
Robert Francis

Ravi Sarin is 48 years old. Despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 16, he has enjoyed 26 years of thriving life. Today, as a member of an ACT team, he helps people with mental illness find the treatment they need to rebuild their lives.

CURESZ Survivors do not provide legal or medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.  They do not provide therapy or other counseling services.

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Every personal story of recovery from schizophrenia is unique, and a needed contribution.

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