Long-Acting Injectable antipsychotic medications are a convenient treatment option for patients with schizophrenia, helping them avoid relapse and re-hospitalization. These eliminate the use of pills and can be given every one, two or three months. They are highly recommended by experts who treat schizophrenia.

ARTICLE Long-Acting Injectables: Hope in a Needle
ARTICLE Long-Acting Injectables: Empower Yourself

VIDEO SERIES. Dr. Henry Nasrallah (Executive Vice-President and Scientific Director of CURESZ) and Bethany Yeiser (CURESZ President) discuss long-acting injectable medications (LAIs) in this four part series.

What are long acting injectable medications (LAIs)? (1 of 4)

Convenience of LAIs (2 of 4)

Why not use LAIs in first episode psychosis? (3 of 4)

Talking to patients about LAIs (4 of 4)

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