Anthony Joseph Vitucci was 18 years old when he had his first psychotic episode. He was graduating that year in 2015 from high school. He was an honor student and an avid soccer player since he was 3 years old. During his first psychotic episode he was receiving scholarship awards both academically and athletically for his proficiency in soccer. Life changed in the blink of an eye for Anthony’s future and ours as his parents. Anthony just “wanted to be normal “ go to college, enjoy friends, graduate, get a girlfriend etc. All the things our children worked so hard to get to the point where their young adult life begins. However we found out about clozapine too late and once it was prescribed the dose prescribed was only 50 mg and not the recommended therapeutic dose of 300 mg. My son lost his battle on June 24 2020.

The CURESZ Foundation is an Avenue to help facilitate and educate parents and other psychiatrists about clozapine dosing, monitoring and prescribing. Our goal as Anthony’s parents is to facilitate the message about the positive outcomes that can be achieved with early prescribing of clozapine and not only utilized as a last resort.

Thank you for honoring our son’s legacy.

Many Blessings, The Vitucci Family

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