Nancy, CURESZ mentee

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When a loved one receives a diagnosis of schizophrenia, family members are often called upon to become caregivers. Caregivers face issues ranging from a general understanding of the illness and its effects on a loved one to the means of maintaining the necessary support for a loved one. The CURESZ Foundation partners individuals caring for a loved one with schizophrenia with a “Friend” who has more extensive experience caring for their loved one with schizophrenia. No family should have to face caring for a family member with schizophrenia without support.

The CURESZ Foundation partners schizophrenia caregivers seeking support with a mentor “Friend” who has caregiving experience. These one–on–one relationships offer hope for caregivers. Participants are given the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from a person who is familiar with the experience. Mentors can lend support and empathy.

This service sponsored by the CURESZ Foundation is free and helps any person affected by schizophrenia at any age, located anywhere in the world, but primarily in the US. Each mentor applicant (Friend) speaks personally with a staff member of the CURESZ Foundation, and all Friendsz are screened and trained by our CURESZ staff.

Please register online by filling out the CURESZ contact form and telling us a little about yourself and your loved one who has schizophrenia. One of our CURESZ team members will be in touch with you after your information has been received. All information is shared only with your match. Otherwise, it is kept completely confidential.

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