CURESZ volunteer Nick Sjulin

Get Involved with Friendsz

Anyone can help support CURESZ Friendsz! Check out what you can do to make an impact.
You may not be fighting schizophrenia, but you can make a difference.

Consider volunteering for the CURESZ Foundation. Volunteering opportunities include:

-Telling your friends and acquaintances about the CURESZ Foundation and our Friendsz initiative to help us find new mentors and mentees
– Helping the CURESZ Foundation organize in person events to talk about schizophrenia and recovery
– Establishing CURESZ Clubsz in high schools or colleges (contact us for more details)
– Helping with videography or graphic design for the CURESZ Foundation
– Fundraising for the CURESZ Foundation via Facebook, GoFundMe and other platforms

Find A Mentor & Become a Mentor