Jackie graduated from college with a teaching degree, but decided to explore her love of cooking by attending a French culinary school in California.  Moving back to Reno, she used her knowledge managing a cookware store, teaching dessert classes and working in restaurants.

She met her husband of 34 years at one of the restaurants where she made desserts and pastries.  At that time, Jackie started her teaching career.  She taught elementary education for 30 years, and worked as a home school and online teacher for five years.  Currently, Jackie is tutoring students in her home and online.

Both of Jackie’s children have picked up their parents’ interest in food.  Her son has just earned his PhD in oyster and fisheries management.  Her daughter is a gifted cook and a food science major in college. When her daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a senior in college, she moved home to work on her recovery. The amazing chef where Jackie managed the cookware store recognized her daughter’s cooking skills and hired her daughter to work in the pantry making salads and desserts. During her daughter’s tumultuous times, Jackie was allowed to share her daughter’s position in their fine dining restaurant. The chef and manager were kind in their part of her daughter’s recovery.

Although the restaurant has closed, Jackie loved getting back into cooking desserts, salad and appetizer with high quality ingredients.  Since the restaurant closed, her daughter started a home catering business.  Jackie and her husband assist their daughter, so Jackie still uses her skills in the kitchen.

Jackie is a native Nevadan.  She loves hiking with her dogs, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and just being outdoors. Between caring for her dogs and cats, tutoring 20 students and cooking, Jackie keeps quite busy as a retiree.  Advocating for her daughter through the CURESZ Foundation has opened opportunities for her developing friendships with other parents who have similar life experiences.