Research Study

Researchers at the Harvard/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are conducting a study to understand how two different medications work with specific symptoms of psychosis, and are looking for participants. The study will take place over 18 weeks and will include:

– Clinical Assessments
– Brain Activity Recording
– Blood Tests
– Tests of Cognitive Ability (such as attention, memory and problem solving)
– Treatment with Clozapine or Risperidone

Eligible participants are those who are aged between 18-60; diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective or bipolar disorder with psychotic features; do not have a neurological disorder such as traumatic brain injury or seizure disorder; and are able to tolerate clozapine treatment. Participants will be compensated for their time in the study and reimbursed for travel/parking.

For general information on this study and others see the Keshavan IMPACT Lab.

For more information on Research Opportunities, including this study see here.

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